On page Optimization

In SEO, On page Optimization is a list of features that is visible on your website. Things like meta tags, HTML code, keyword usage and its impact on your website are used here to optimise the intensity of search result. Through this method, the search engine pages can find your website directly and show the same on the result page. To make this effective and get into the first page of google, it is important to maximize your website performance and get top rankings first.

We optimize your website with required Meta Description tag, ALT tags, H1 tags, Content, Keyword density and many more.

Here is the list of points to check in your website:

  1. Check the meta tags used for your website. A maximum of 30 words is more than enough to describe to your website.  Another 20 words for your meta keywords tag can be useful to link back your page to search engine results.
  2. Be true to yourself with original content and avoid using hidden text and links. Avoid using irrelevant keywords in your content and cloaking techniques
  3. Be focussed while choosing your keywords and make a point to use maximum of 6 key phrases. Also, avoid using small words like the, and, or, for, etc while framing your key phrase.
  4. Use of one H1 tag per page and keyword within this phrase in the tag.
  5. The alt texts attribute to the image of the content. It is highly recommended to use this alt trait as required as it is indexed by search engines.
  6. Adding contents regularly can make you the king of your website and it makes your users visit repeatedly for fresh materials and thereby improving traffic to the page.

According to SaaS Company Conductor, long-tail keywords yield up to 2.5 times better ranking than small keywords. This result has come out head turner, at a time, when on page Optimization usage is doubted in the industry. Max-Webs sees on page optimization as a key strategy in SEO and this is one of the oldest, tested and tried methods of our ages that get you direct traffic to your website.